Water words

Paper, texts, video and dance installation 2019

Film and Paper of celluloses fibers of rice, wild herbs, kozo, susuki, sasa, kuzu, tea.
The work, 16 m long and 1 m wide, rises from the ground by spiraling. On the highest part I screened a film where appears a woman on the background of filigree writing and lace of kozo leaves paper. The public is invited to penetrate inside the work, as inside a membrane.

I was invited by Imadate Art Field who were organising an event on contemporary paper making at Echizen to mark the 1300th anniversary of Otaki temple, dedicated to the Kawakami Gozen, the goddess of paper. Echizen is a village of master paper makers upstream of Otaki. I was inspired by the legend of this goddess who delivers the secret of paper making to the inhabitants of Echizen. Water, so essential to the formation of paper, was my guiding principle.