River in love, paper dresses

River in love 1

Paper dress in paper mulberry tree (kozo), poplar and yucca dyed with madder.

Born from love, the dress « River in love » questions me about the place to take, in the heart of it, in my heart, like a flesh surfaces.

Why would I part with it, why not accept it also in me, as a plural identity, identity who are you ?

River in love 2 my dance

A singular art of creating bonds

Aïdée Bernard is a rare woman, intimately mingles with nature, earth, water. This nature with its variety, its creativity, offers her wild plants that she gathers and cooks for fiber extraction and thus makes her paper on wich she write words, words from others or hers.

With her diaphanous creations, light sensitive, with their lightness, their fragility, it’s as if she were surrendering herself, holding us in respect, leading us to respect her deep identity, mysterious because ‘the other’ is and remains always a mystery.

Jean-Claude Grosse (president of the mediterranean theater author)

River in love 3

My desir of desired being

Sleep into the lure

without knowing where it goes

if it’s good, it’s bad

Stop looking for duality

there all join me,

alive, free for joy.

Greedy awakening,

feeling full

of this life that sparkles

deep inside me.

Being the one who allows herself to cross over.

Aïdée Bernard 2017