Enlace, Aïdée Bernard paper art had been selected for paper on skin.

Wearable Paper Art




Paper on Skin 2022 Finalists

Baldwin, Sally (UK), Lost Flowers

Bernard, Aïdée (FRA), Vos corps à travers mon corps

Bjerre, Sisse (SWE), Scandinavian Paper Wear

Britt, Diane (USA), Fancy Dress Shoes

Bryant-Duguid, Kelcie (AUS), A-tisket, a-tasket

Cios, Elzbieta (POL), Wearable sheets of paper

Crowden, Polly (AUS), Wildfire

de Sailles, Lissa-Jane (AUS), Red Waratah Girl

Dennis, Amee (AUS), Mother Earth’s Sandstone Forms

Flanagan, Patricia + Altavilla, Darcy + Donohoe, Maeve (AUS), Walking Through Walls

Giles, Lisa + Silk, Melissa + Mauer, Annette (AUS), It’s Amoiré

Guascoine, Simone (AUS), Resilient Gals

Howells, Mayhla (NZ), Karere ki te Atua i roto i te Rangi

Husø, Hanne Frey (NOR), Dream Traveller

Kato, Kaori (JPN), K & K Bright

Kennedy, Marion (AUS), Nature’s Roots

Killip, Brielle + Geissinger, Christopher (USA), Fire in My Soul #1

Lamby, Denise (AUS), Checks and Balances

Mango, Anna + Martin, Tarja (AUS), Field of Dreams (Ethereal Trash)

Marley, Likita (AUS), Peacock dress

May, Amanda (AUS), Regeneration

McRitchie, Teddy (AUS), Stop and Smell the Roses

Murphy, Ardea (AUS), Full circle

Oakes, Leonie (AUS), Listening to the night

Sammyseries (IDN), The Prayer

Smith, Rachel (HKG), Firestarter

Sonin, Ramona (USA), Brought the Garden In

Stanford, Sue-Ann + Silk, Melissa (AUS), Dyadic, generally

Tica, Antoaneta (ROU), Over The Rainbow

Toose, Kirry (AUS), Life unfurled

Townsend, Chloe (AUS), Coral

Vo, Donna (AUS), The heat is in our hands

Voorpostel, Derek (AUS), In Honour Of Musashi

Wettstein, Robert A (CHE), Hémd

Wheeler, Barbara (NZ), Wrapped

Williams, Tony (USA), AYA

Williams, Tony (USA), Egungun

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