Festival of artists books « Undercover » in Saint Antonin Noble Val from 9th to 17th April 2016

Open the book’

A 3 month artist residency culminating in an exhibition in Midi Quercy region.

Aïdée Bernard, artist in residence, presents « OPEN THE BOOK » during the artists books festival « Under cover », which will take place in the galleries of the old convent of the Genovefans, currently mayor of Saint Antonin Noble Val, from 9th to 17th april 2016, and will close on 16 and 17 april with « the fair of artist books creators and publishers ».

Aïdée Bernard creates paper artworks with plants that she collects in the surrounding countryside, using the original technique of paper making for extracting celluloses. Her hanging artworks, all in finesse and transparency, are composed of fibers of local plants, where paper is used to become a matter of expressions. The writing, often in watermarks, is intimately linked to the textures and colours of the different fibers of her creations. Thus, raw fibers of ivy or laurel leaf lace are mixed with beaten pulp of wheat straw or those of lavender stems, horsetails or reed leaves…

The artist likes to put paper through installations and artit books where light reveals the successive layers of this fine paper surface. Also for the festival « Under cover » she proposes to present the installation « Open the book » which will bring together in a single work all the papers made by each participant.

The installation « Open the book » which will be exhibited during the artists books fair in Saint Antonin Noble Val promotes the meeting between the residents through a creative approach based on a strong artistic presence and collaborations with the local institutions. As part of this artistic and cultural education, Aïdée Bernard will propose:

– exhibitions and presentations of her existing artwork,

– conferences on paper, artists book and the relationship between sensury experience and memory,

– excursions to discover and gather paper plants,

– workshops on paper prouction and writing giving inside into this creative process and the inspiration behind it.

With the support of Mosaïque en Val association, and Midi Pyrénées DRAC and local authorities.