POSTPONED 4 to 21 MARCH 2021 !

Our light and shadow

Aïdée Bernard & Tsuguo Yanaï Exhibition

U-Forum ( Tokyo) 14-31 mai 2020







Last year, Aïdée Bernard and Tsuguo Yanai exhibited a paper art installation at the Romanesque Abbaye d’Alspach in Kaysersberg, France. It gained a great success.

This time, two artists will team up again under the theme of « Light and Shadow  » at U-Forum Museum.

Aïdée Bernard’s poetic and diaphanous artwork reveals the light. She likes to create sensitive papers, inviting us to listen to our emotions, like a visual whisper.

Tsuguo Yanai expresses the invisible world of the underground. It seems that the energy of the chaotic life and the return to the origin dwells in his work.

Tradition and modernity coexist in the paperwork of two artists who start from making raw materials. Similarly, you may find the memory of the earth and the longing for light coexist in the vegetable fibers used.

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