The subway dress, Paper dress

Art Installation 2012

Paper of vegetable laces of yucca and ivy and beaten fibers of wild oat and iris.

The subway dress is covered with written watermarks, which are done with water sprays on the paper.

Close to the skin, moulting of a past which reappears, the dress shows a ghost body, where invisible angels escape from underneath.…

The origin of the paper dress is an initiative by writers associated with theatres wich asks 36 authors, to get together to write a book about Marilyn Monroe-Norma Jeane Mortenson’s 36th birthday, ‘50 years after all.’



‘The body dress,


a form-fighting symbol,

of an unprecedented transparency,

the naked dress,

diaphanous truth,

delicate moulting,

tragic exit,

disappear before the end,

leave only one spool

of the thin thread

that clothed her with life… ‘



Aïdée 2012