Trees and men, science and art exhibition

With Aïdée Bernard, Isabel Bisson Mauduit, Pascal Cuart, David Dellas, Lelia Demoisy, Isabelle Duperray, Constance Fulda, Valérie Loiseau, Raphaëlle Peria, Deidi Von Shaewen

The trees are tall, of course. Do not oaks, elms, ashes, birches and lindens rise up to the sky, making us look like dwarfs when we contemplate them, our noses turned towards their high foliage? Whether they are deciduous or coniferous, tropical or temperate, trees are also great in the ages they reach, unimaginable for us. Where a human life is counted in decades, the oldest known trees have lived for… 40,000 years! Finally, trees amaze us, as scientific discoveries are made, by their extraordinary ability to find water and light in all situations, to communicate with each other and to establish beneficial relationships with living beings as varied as mushrooms, insects and birds!
This multimedia exhibition reveals the beauty and secrets of trees. It also traces the ancestral relationships we have established with them. After having sheltered and protected our most distant ancestors, trees have provided us with wood, warmth, shade, light and ornament… even the medicines they contain in their leaves and bark.
Trees are also venerated in some cultures and inspire many artists. Plastic artists, photographers, painters, draftsmen or engravers will harmoniously complete these scientific remarks essential to the knowledge, the respect and the protection of nature.

Free entrance – All public
From Wednesday to Sunday 3pm/6pm
Opening: Friday, January 14 at 7 pm
Nocturne the evenings of the show from 8pm to 8:45pm


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