Paper and video Installation

« In her belly »

Paper, texts, video and dance installation

With Sophie Reynolds and Sandra Dao, dancers and choregraphers

Films and video editing with help from Mona

Video music by Aléa directed by Véronique Godfroy

Artist residency exhibition in the church of Luzençon for « Chapelles d’Art » 2015

I love to immerse myself in nature, to gather plants to make paper ; ivy, iris, hackberry, poplar, horsetail, reeds, wild oats, wich will become my artwork. I learn the original strength in the wastland with abandoned vegetation (paths side, creek’s edge,…) but also the wonder and infinite richness of plant forms.

Once extracted by cooking in an ash bath, the fibres join in the water in the paper sieve, revealing forms and textures. They provide me with a natural material, very much alive, out of the ordinary, inspiring…

For the event « Chapelles d’art », I want to celebrate Nature with my vegetable material, transformed in paper, in this meditative place which are the chapels. Indeed paper faciltates writing, raising of thoughts and their transmission.

My artistic work questions « the being » in the movement in nature, through paper plant artworks that are like successive trails that allow me to get as close as possible to my identity. With the idea that my identity is moving, looking for its place in nature.

The installation « In her belly » raises the question of Man in his relationship to his body, to his being, to nature and to Earth. It proposes the idea that human ecology is about love and respect for oneself, for others and for all that is alive, first and foremost this land that takes us.

The question of being in movement in nature is expressed for me in a privileged way with this vegetable and cultural material, paper, which offers a sensitive surface of expression.

I created a large format of 2m40 by 2m20, made with local fibres. The paper contains fibres beaten with writing watermarks, by means of Japanese papermaking technique, adapted to local fibres ; paper is very fine and reveals watermarks by transparency. The text is written in watermark by spraying water jets on this large paper, and refers to my relationship with my mother and my relationship as a mother to my children. Raw fibers are superposed on this beaten paper and compose a landscape inspired by the view of the mountains and valleys that surround the chapel of Luzençon at the top of a small mountain.

Paper video: the paper hanging in the choir is illuminated by a film made with dancers Sandra Martinez-Dao of Kiwat Cie and Sophie Reynold. They express movements inspired by nature while I filmed them.

In thin layers, the composition of the landscape with the palette of the different celluloses and the watermarks of writing are mixed with the movement of the dancing bodies in nature. In that way the film of the body in movement reveals the writings by lighting the watermarks on the inside wall of the chapel….