Aïdée Bernard さんの作品制作が始まりました。越前市卯立の工芸館での展覧会は10月2日〜10月30日まで

Monday, September 23, 2019
The International Exhibition of Paper Works in the city of Echizen, Imadate Art Camp has just begun.
Aïdée Bernard, an internationally renowned French artist, has joined the artist’s residency. Seven other guest artists are invited, another French, two Dutch, one American and two Japanese from the Fukui department.
The exhibition artists will produce their works for an exhibition from 11 October. Imadate Art Field had the idea of inviting artists of different nationalities to promote a cultural exchange. A total of 9 exhibitions (sponsored by Fukui Shimbun) will be held this fall.
Aïdée is a paper artist, she creates transparent and delicately beautiful objects and kakemonos using natural fibers such as plant leaves.
From now on, for the 1300th anniversary of the great sanctuary of Otaki, this artist will start her exhibition on October 1st with her work brought from France, while continuing her creation with a work that she creates especially for the event.

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